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Cargo aircraft save you time and money

Using Airjet Cargo is the safest way to move your cargo on your terms. Access to a distant destination, resumption of control over productivity and flight scheduling.

Airjet Cargo

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Airjet Cargo

Available cargo planes (non exhaustive list)

Airbus A330-200F Long Range Cargo Aircraft for worldwide cargo and freight transportation
  • Twin-engine freighter
  • Load : 65t Volume : 467m3
Cargo plane for goods Boeing 737-400F
  • Twin-engine freighter
  • Load : 20,5t Volume : 156m3
Cargo aircraft Antonov AN-124
  • Four-engine freighter
  • Load : 120t Volume : 750m3
Airjet Cargo est spécialisé dans l'affrètement d'avion cargo pour tout type de fret à transporter à travers le monde

Airjet Cargo

Rental and chartering of cargo aircraft

Express delivery worldwide in just a few hours! Your goods will be delivered on time, to any corner of the world.

Air cargo shipments by charter

Airjet Cargo organizes air cargo transportation from any part of the world by cargo planes of all sizes (AN-12, AN-124 100 Ruslan, IL-76, B747-200F/400F, B757F, Tu-204-100C, ATR 42 and 72, Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, etc.). The price of air cargo depends on the route, fuel cost, air navigation fees, take-off/landing fees and other factors. You can get exact costs for cargo flights from our sales department.

Individual charter flights for the transport of goods

An air charter is a contract to charter (rent) part or all of an aircraft, including full crew and service personnel, for one or more flights.

If you need urgent delivery of bulky or special goods over long distances, air charter is the best way to solve this problem. Our customers very often ask what the main difference of this type of delivery is, and what it involves.

Chartered shipments are very advantageous and save not only valuable time but also a lot of money. With a high level of training and many years of experience, our experts will help you find a suitable flight for any cargo and, depending on the urgency, volume and weight, they will calculate the best rate. It is also worth remembering that an airplane can easily reach remote and inaccessible areas, unlike sea, rail or road transport.

Chartered air freight has a number of obvious advantages, including the following:

* Virtually no restrictions on the volume and weight of cargo to be delivered

* Customer's choice of aircraft

* Calculation of optimal time for delivery and, in some cases, emergency transportation

* Ability to transport complex, high-tech technical equipment without risk of damage or deformation

* General cargo and foodstuffs

* Industrial equipment, vehicles, machinery

* Oversized, heavy, hazardous goods

* Transportation of pets during a move.

If the circumstances are such that you need to deliver your cargo to a specific point on the other side of the world in the shortest possible time, we are ready to offer you the air freight service to any part of the world.

We offer not only air freight transportation within France/Europe, but also international flights.

Air Freight

For decades, air freight has been the fastest mode of transportation and a reliable and secure method of on-time delivery. You'll enjoy unprecedented levels of air cargo shipping flexibility with Airjet Cargo.

With the professional approach of our experienced staff, air cargo shipments worldwide will be delivered in accordance with all technical regulations. Years of experience and all required licenses allow us to perform air transportation of dangerous goods.

Due to its high reliability and efficiency, air cargo transportation is gaining popularity in transcontinental directions. We can handle any type of shipment, including international air freight of dangerous goods.

An Airjet Cargo charter will deliver your cargo safely and on time.

Whatever the category of cargo (oversized, time sensitive, hazardous, perishable, high value), we get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Cargo planes

Do you need to deliver large cargo quickly and efficiently from one part of the world to another? Airjet Cargo's cargo jet charter service is a truly cost-effective solution!

After ordering a cargo aircraft charter, our specialists are ready to select a list of aircraft for rental, based on the client's requirements. If one of the proposed options suits you, after approval, signing of documents and payment of the charter price, the selected aircraft will be ready for the planned flight.

When chartering a cargo aircraft, it is important to remember that these aircraft are divided into military, civil, transport and cargo variants, each of which is distinguished by the quantity, capacity and type of cargo it carries. Civil-military aircraft (Il-76, An-124, etc.) can carry large loads but are not economically efficient; cargo versions of passenger aircraft (Airbus A330-200F, etc.) are efficient both in terms of price and operational efficiency but are not designed to carry large volumes of cargo; cargo aircraft occupy an intermediate position between civil-military aircraft and cargo versions of passenger aircraft.

The price of air cargo transportation depends mainly on such factors as the aircraft in use, the distance and duration of the flight, the volume and weight of the cargo, the peculiarities of cargo transportation, etc. In case of necessity, experienced specialists are always ready to help you choose a transport aircraft that will give you the opportunity to book a cargo charter with a crew under the most advantageous conditions and at the lowest cost.

When you charter a cargo plane with our company, you can be sure that you are making the right choice, as hundreds of our clients have already experienced!